The Best Car Insurance for Winters in Finland

The Best Car Insurance for Winters in Finland

Driving during the winter is eye-pleasing in Finland due to several reasons. The snow-covered mountains, trees, and houses give the best Christmas vibes that can cheer you or literally anyone up. Though, you wouldn’t be enjoying much of this pleasing environment as the days are short in Finland and come with a few consequences. And the visibility turns too low at night, which makes it very difficult to see the road ahead. The streets are also slippery, tree branches fall off on the roads, and animals like moose or deer often wander around the roads. This is why you should always be on insurance when driving in Finland in winter. And as there are several kinds of car insurance, we are going to discuss the most suitable kind of car insurance in Finland for winter, which you can avail of from your local Finnish car services.

Types of car insurance for winters in Finland: What are the options?

Following are the two different types of car insurance for winters in Finland that you can consider going with. Make sure to check them both out and see which one works out the best for you.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance covers all the unpredictable damages done to your car. Under this insurance, your insurance company will assist you with any damages done to your vehicle for which you are incapable of doing anything. Like if an animal hits your car, you obviously cannot ask it for the expenses. You will be aided for mishaps like;

  • Damage is done by harsh weather or natural disasters like floods, lightning, or earthquakes.
  • Your car got
  • An animal hit your car.
  • Windshield damages.
  • Someone hit you with their car.
  • Damage was done by any object which fell on your car.

Situations like these often occur in Finland, primarily in winter. Reports from the Finnish interior Ministry state that 1500 collisions with moose occur annually in Finland. In these accidents, approximately ten people lose their lives, and 300 people end up being injured. Tree branches falling off is also no strange thing in winter. Your windshield can also be cracked by the cold. This is why comprehensive insurance is mandatory to cover these unpredictable expenses.

Services that don’t usually come under Comprehensive Insurance:

Before going for Comprehensive Insurance, keep in mind the following cases for which your insurance company will not be responsible for aiding you.

  • If you hit another car, object, or human being.
  • Costs for damages done to someone’s vehicle by collision.
  • The bills for medical assistance for the drivers and passengers.
  • Accidents by drivers under the influence or unlicensed drivers.

Collision Insurance

In cases where your car gets into an accident while driving, your expenses for those damages to your car will be covered by your insurance company if your car is under Collision Insurance. You will also be aided even if your car needs to be replaced. These are the scenarios where your Collision Insurance will come into play;

  • An accident where only your car is involved
  • Your car crashing into another vehicle
  • Someone hits you with their car
  • Your car hitting a non-living object like a tree or wall
  • Your car rolling in an accident

Collision Insurance can prove to be very helpful to drivers in Finland in winter. As the roads are slippery because of snowfall, the chances for collisions increase by a high margin. The roads are also challenging to see at night, and tree branches often fall on the streets, making driving even more difficult. So, be sure to buy collision insurance for your car.

Services that don’t usually come under Collision Insurance:

There are some situations where your insurance company will not pay for the damages. So, before buying Collision Insurance for your car, be sure to read the following cases;

  • Animal collision
  • If your car gets stolen
  • If your car gets damaged in natural disasters
  • If your car gets damaged in vandalism

The Final Verdict

Driving in Finland can be fun because of its fantastic winter vibes, but it is also a bit riskier due to the harsh weather conditions. However, you can be on the safe side by keeping your car insured. Comprehensive and Collision are the most suitable kinds of car insurance that we would suggest for driving in winter. But be sure to check the pros and cons before buying these insurances.